As Belinda Scandal settles into her new home over in Polari, Gaylife caught up with her for a chat about high chairs, Cannon and Ball, and her plans for the year ahead.

Gaylife: Hello m’dear, how are ya?

Belinda: I’m very well thank you! Settling in nicely!

Gaylife: With all of the options that must have been open to you, why did you decide to settle in Polari?

Belinda: I think after working in Via on Sundays with Tony Cooper, it seemed like the natural progression really.

belindaarticle-pic3Gaylife: So, are you going to be changing Polari? Is it going to become ‘Belinda’s Showbar? And are you planning on fiddling with any of the decor?

Belinda: We’ve moved things around a bit. We’ve swapped some of the seating for high tables with stools, so that there’s still as much seating space as there was, but its just utilizing the space more sensibly and giving people room to have a little boogie.

Gaylife: Cool, so you’re settling for a while now then?

Belinda: Yeah. The best thing for me being here is that now I can chop and change the show as and when I want. We can add numbers and take numbers away as it isn’t a set show. I can tell and judge the audience, so I’ll adapt the show adhoc to how they are reacting. I’m also really excited about the Christmas show. I have so many ideas! There’s loads of people that have come to see me from the Showbar, but there’s also loads of new faces too, which is wonderful. I love it when people can relax in a nice environment as it makes the show easier and more enjoyable for me to perform.

Gaylife: So tell us a bit about Belinda’s background….

Belinda: Well I was hand picked by the original owners of the Showbar to front it, as they knew me from my work at Cafe La Belle in Gran Canaria. 

Gaylife: And before that you worked in Churchills?

Belinda: Yes and The New Union. All in all I’ve been doing drag for 15 or 16 years. 

Gaylife: Of all the places, you’ve ever worked, which has been the most fun?

Belinda: Well apart from here, The North Pier in Blackpool which is where it all started. I got into it because of Cannon and Ball. I used to be a male vocalist and they had a drag queen that used to need a load of sherry and lemonades before she even went down the glass staircase and one night she was just incapable, so they asked me to do it, and the rest is history.

Gaylife: So might we be seeing Cannon and Ball popping up in Polari sometime soon?

Belinda: No. They wont move around for anyone!

Gaylife: So, where will you be a year from now?

Belinda: I intend it to be the best place for cosy classy cabaret.

You can catch Belinda in Polari from 8pm – 2am on Fridays and Saturdays and in Via on Sundays from 8pm-2am.

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