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From The Editor August 2015


Thanks, as always for picking up this mahoosive copy of Gaylife Manchester magazine! If you’re a regular reader, welcome back – and if you’re a Gaylife virgin, well hello there! How’ve you been? I’ve had a great July, taking a ...

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From the Editor June 2015


Welcome to the June issue of Gaylife. Loads to tell you this month and its all spread out over the next 88 pages, mixed in with pics of y’all having fun in our world famous village. It’s been a fundraising ...

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From the Editor April 2015


Happy April folks, and thanks for picking up this, our biggest ever issue of Gaylife! Why are we so big this month? Well the sheer amount of events, news and information for y’all this time around is truly immense, and ...

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From the Editor March 2015


Thanks for picking up this Easter issue of Gaylife Manchester magazine. So, how’ve you been? It’s been a hectic old month over in the village hasn’t it, with loads going on and lots to talk about, and that’s just the gossip! ...

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