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Fit As…With MJ August 2015

Hello Gaylifers and welcome to this pride special edition of my fitness column. I’m currently at 20 thousand feet on my way to board a gay cruise so this month is written with me fully in the holiday spirit!

This month I’m looking at your 5 tips to help you survive Pride and keep healthy over the festive period. Everyone wants to look their best for Pride but days of parting can leave you feeling tired, lifeless and in need of a boost! Hopefully these health tips will keep you feeling the best you can be. But first things first let’s look at your preparation:

mjfitness-workoutpic-pages62&631 WORKOUT

So we all know the Manchester weather is always doubtful, but the end goal for a lot of you is to look vest confident or to be able to take your top off in a club and not feel self conscious. Make sure you break your workouts down to specific muscle groups. A chest and arms workout just before a night out will give you that extra pump to help you feel more confident when you’re spinning round your handbag! If you can’t get to the gym, try 4 sets of press ups and some tricep dips before you go out to focus on these areas. Resistance bands are a great tool for getting a pump workout if you can’t get to the gym or if you’re in a hotel.

mjfitness.picfood-pages62&632 DIET

Eating well on the run up to Pride will get your body ready for the abuse you’re going to give it. Fill your body with clean proteins and low GI carbs to give you sustainable energy and help maintain muscle. Getting your body dosed up with loads of fruit and veg will help your skin and hair look heathy and keep your immune system up during the 4 days of debauchery! Although it can be easy to swap meals for drink or grab a greasy burger, at least try and get one healthy solid meal during the day. The last thing you want is to get sick the next week due to lack of nourishment.

mjfitness.pic3-pages62&633 FLUIDS

Mountains of Vodka & RedBull plus hours of dancing your tits off at the main stage is going to make you dehydrated and feel shattered. Alcohol, caffeine and plenty of dancing, all cause severe dehydration. During the day, take in loads of water to reduce the hangover effects the next day and before bed get at least a pint of water down your neck. The main effects of a hangover are dehydration, give your body what it needs. It will help you sustain your mojo over the whole of the big weekend!


Try and get some, your body will thank you for it. There’s only so long you can party for before your body shuts down. Even a few hours of deep sleep will help you recover enough to take on the next day of fun. Try not to go whole hog on the Friday and spend the rest of the weekend suffering! The big weekend is 4 days, make sure you get to see all of it!

mjfitness-morningafterpic-pages62&635 THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE 

So after a big night out until the early hours, how do you recover? Here’s a few things I do to rid myself of the headache, feel refreshed and shrug off the alcohol shakes! Eat a protein rich breakfast is the best thing to feed the beast! Once you’ve faced some food you need to hydrate. Try a hydration sachet that you can get from most Chemists. They replace your natural salts and electrolytes and will make you feel loads better. Next, try a multi-vitamin with added Vitamin C. Soluble are better like a Berroca as they absorb quicker than tablets or alternatively you could try a vitamin shot drink. Some even have a caffeine booster to really wake you up! Last but not least, get loads of water in you before you hit the beer for round two.

I hope you have a great pride and party safely. Remember these basic tips and hopefully you’ll survive the post pride week!

Happy Pride – MJ.


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