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Get out more!

Since the birth of the 2015 spring season, Gaylife has been feeling somewhat healthy. It’s not all about going online and hooking up with some random y’know! There’s a whole world out there, and this month we’ve been speaking with Darren Batey from ‘Outdoor Lads’ who’s ready to open a few new doors….

Want to get out more? Then maybe OutdoorLads is for you!

OutdoorLads is a registered charity bettering the lives of our members through the great outdoors.

Every weekend OutdoorLads runs a range of sociable outdoor activities all over the UK – from hostel weekends to day events covering activities like hiking, climbing, camping, biking, canoeing, sailing and skiing. The group is a charity run by its members for its members.  All over the country people with different ages and backgrounds are joining OutdoorLads – the group has over 16,000 members and is growing…

One thing that characterises every OutdoorLads event is the friendly and welcoming nature of the guys you meet.  Everyone mucks in to help make sure everyone has a good time and events run smoothly and ‘first event jitters’ quickly disappear.

The group has had a significant impact on its members – with 89% of members surveyed recently saying ‘it has had a very positive impact on their life’, 70% saying they ‘have made loads of new friends though OutdoorLads’ and 84% saying they have ‘been able to try loads of new things with the group’. In summary, 87% of members said ‘they were proud to be a member of OutdoorLads’.


The OutdoorLads magic is a truly special one and we are proud to see members forming friendships all over the UK. Just this weekend gone saw one of our First OutdoorLads weddings which was a great moment for us. We pride ourselves on being an open exclusive charity that challenges its members to continually try new outdoor pursuits to better their mental and physical wellbeing in an environment that is surrounded with friendship and fun.

Whether you have loads of experience, want to try something new, get fit or just want to get out in the countryside more, go on and OutdoorLads event! You’ll have a great time, with friendly guys who all have a shared love of outdoor pursuits .

If you are nervous about attending then do get in touch we have great volunteer coordinators and leaders in every region who will meet up with you and give you that extra bit of confidence you might need. Check out our website or call Darren in the office 0161 420 0001 if you have any questions.

#getoutmore and see what a difference OutdoorLads can make to your life!

One comment

  1. My experience with OutdoorLads was horrible. In my opinion they condone racism. For 6 years+ I have not seen anyone black nor Asian nor Eastern European.

    During the first night I was racially profiled by some in the group for being ethnically Russian. I was blamed for all the negatives of Russia. I was dragged into a conversation about Eastern Ukrainian crisis. When I realised what a bunch of racists are around me (by far not everyone) I decided I would not want to walk with this arrogant and ignorant bunch.

    Then the next day during the BBQ someone said me a racist comment. I shouted “Racist!!!” so everyone knows. Instead of classifying it as a concern they classified it as me being threatening towards others. There was a great guy who came to me and calmed me down. That guy was a star.

    It was one of the worst experiences I had not only in Outdoor lads over 6 years but it was one of the worst for the whole of my life as a British citizen for 12 years.

    Guess what, I am the one who got banned from OutdoorLads event because my abusers ganged up on me and made up stories about me and because the board condones racism!

    If you have a sense of fairness in your heart and against racism then avoid this group at all costs.

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