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GMP Pride Network

Now, time for us to have a chat with Lee Broadstock who is the Equality Officer for Greater Manchester Police and Chair of the GMP Pride Network….

“Greater Manchester Police Pride Network is the LGBT staff association for Police Officers, Staff, Special Constables and Volunteers within Greater Manchester Police.

We aim to make sure that Greater Manchester Police provide a working environment where LGBT staff can feel themselves at work, without fear of discrimination because of who they are, we also strive to ensure that Greater Manchester Police maintains and builds strong links with our LGBT community here in Greater Manchester and also across the North West region and beyond.

We do this through ‘Police With Pride’. This year will be the largest Police contingent in any Pride parade in the world, breaking the previous record we proudly hold here in Manchester. This year we will have colleagues from every Policing region in the country from Scotland to Cornwall and including the States of Jersey, we will also have colleagues from Europe joining us for the first time since Europride was held in Manchester.

‘Police With Pride’ was set-up to show that you could be LGBT and work for the Police and to show the LGBT community visibly that the Police supports our community, I am very proud to be the current chair of the network and to build year on year on these founding principles.

This year again the Rainbow liveried Police Car will be leading our contingent, last year following the launch of the car at Manchester Pride it received national and international recognition and has led to other forces both nationally and internationally looking at doing the same. The Rainbow car is a real statement of GMP’s and our network’s commitment to end homophobia and transphobia both internally within GMP and externally within the wider community.

This year at Sparkle Manchester, the largest International Trans festival our network raised the Trans Pride flag with Trans community members at GMP force headquarters, another first for a Police Force and another strong message of support to our Trans community.

On Friday 28th August as part of Manchester Pride’s Superbia fringe events, we at GMP Pride Network will be hosting the first National LGBT Police Conference. Colleagues from all across the country will be attending and we will be having discussions with senior leading figures on Police Leadership, Trans inclusion and serving the LGBT community. The conference will show off some of the good practice and initiatives we have here in Manchester like the fantastic LGBT foundation Village Angels project and will be a chance for Police officers and staff from across the country to experience the vibrancy and unique atmosphere of our famous Pride and Village. So please continue to give us your support during the Parade, the Police officers and staff tell me every year that they are overwhelmed at the reception you give us during the parade and to our visitors to Manchester, look out for your local force during the parade. Have a fantastic Manchester Pride 2015.”

Lee Broadstock
Equality Officer for Greater Manchester Police and Chair of GMP Pride Network

You can report any hate crime to the LGBT foundation and online via the True Vision website

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