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Miss Thunderpussy’s Gossip Column August 2013

Welcome to my little corner of wot he said she said gossip, here in Manchester! Yup it’s me! Miss Thunderpussy’s gossip pages, where I put down in writing all the shite what’s been said in the village! Is any of it true? Where did it come from? And who’s been talking about me?

You know what they say, loose lips sink ships. Or loose lips make for a really messy oral sex session with an older lesbian. Or something. In fact, I dunno what the actual saying is but welcome to my section anyway, and let’s have a look at what’s been going on, here in the Villarg!


glm-bulletIt appears that a true legend of Manchester’s gay scene maybe on her way back after a stint away in Benidorm! Yes the one and only Miss Julia Grant is back in town. I remember back in the day, before I embarked on my midlife crisis of tattoo’s and Greggs pasties, a wonderful bar I went into called The Hollywood Show Bar, which we all know now as AXM. It was owned and ran by a ‘love her or hate her’ character called Julia. A no nonsense transsexual, who left and sold up in 2002. She was one of the people who organised what we now know as Pride here in Manchester, although back in those days it was called ‘Gayfest’. After years of not being happy with the way the village was going, she moved away, more recently popping up on Channel 4’s, ‘Four in a bed’, where she was the owner of ‘The Queens Hotel’ in Benidorm. Anyway, it appears she’s back and looking to re-open a bar here on Canal Street! I heard it’s gonna be ‘Queer’ that the she takes on, but let’s wait and see what this tour de force does?

glm-bulletAnd now not so much gossip but paying tribute to a few people here in the village that I either admire or miss or love! Firstly, a massive congrats to Tracy Walsh from ‘New York New York’ bar who is now celebrating 24 years of being a true star with a bar. TP is sending you much love and I would say here’s to another 25 years, but do you really wanna? LOL xxx

glm-bulletNow, something else which is affecting the gay village at the moment is the proposed new licensing laws. Manchester City Council & Greater Manchester Police have recently decided to look at bringing in an Early Morning Restriction Order. Meaning that they can call last orders on the sale of alcohol in any designated area, regardless of venue licensing times, which kinda takes the power away from the venues and in my opinion will either totally kill what business the village has, or it may make people come out earlier like they used to? I remember when I first started working in Manchester 8 years ago…. By 9.30pm most bars would have a good crowd, but these days we’re lucky if the bars are half full by 11.30? So I guess we will just have to wait and see what the outcome is. But if you’re unhappy with this new potential change you can fill in an online petition at e to stop this from happening. The choice is yours…

glm-bulletVery quickly, but something I have to say, as I know it’s affected so many of us in the village. “Jono, I love you. I always did and always will. You’re gone but not forgotten in my heart, along with some other amazing people we have lost in Manchester recently. TP” xxx

glm-bulletBack to the gossip now, and some very very badly behaved ladies of the night have been reported to me! For legal reasons I have changed their names so the chance of guessing who they are will be pretty slim!

A Canal Street fave drag artist is currently recovering from a slight black eyed incident, due to an allergic reaction to alcohol and the pavement. Ooops, steady now ya naughty girl! LOL :o) And further information has come in to me about somebody called Leggy Messex, who was caught on CCTV eating salad and drinking a smoothie? Disgrace! What kind of example is she setting for her fans with such disgusting behaviour? It’s got me proper right riled up! :o)

Well that’s it for this months gossip. But as a disclaimer – some of it is true, some of it probably isn’t true, but either way people are talking about it. Because if they weren’t then I wouldn’t have heard it, would I?

So until next time, stay out of trouble suckers – or you might find yourself on my page!
TP xxx

You can catch Miss Thunderpussy, live and vicious, every Thursday night at The Thompsons Arms – 21 Sackville Street, The Village.

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