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Narrow minds and wide mouths are often found together…

serenitysecurity-pic3-pages32&33At Serenity Security we pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive staff group and we were honoured to have recently been nominated for the prestigious Diverse Company of the Year Award at the National Diversity Award in recognition of our commitment to, and our focus on, diversity. We are a very mixed group of security staff which truly reflects the varied customer-base we serve and enables us to continuously offer a first class service to our customers from all sections of the community in Manchester and beyond.

All too often, average security companies still supply ‘standard issue’ door staff. Big blokes, big biceps, long black coat and a bad attitude. As we have learned over our many years working in the security industry, while this generic old-school ‘bouncer’ has his/her role to play in certain venues, it often has the reverse effect to the one intended.  This stereotypical door supervisor will intimidate customers and sometimes /he will positively invite trouble from aggressive individuals and groups who have something to prove. While employing burly door supervisors may seem like a good and sensible deterrent against trouble, this strategy can actually backfire and lead to violence on the premises, to unwanted police call-outs and, inevitably this can lead to the venue’s licence being put into jeopardy. Our experience has demonstrated that positive communication skills, being customer focussed and having a good understanding of the law (particularly around diversity and equality issues) are the most valuable skills and qualities that door  staff can employ to ensure that customers are happy.

serenitysecurity-pic1-pages32&33It is a training requirement, these days, for all door supervisors to have a basic understanding of the Equality Act 2010. However, all too often, we read in print and on social media of door staff who have discriminated against customers due to disability, gender, age and for a variety of other totally avoidable reasons. Here at Serenity our door supervisors need to have more than just a basic understanding and a ‘door badge.’ In addition to being trained at the required basic level, we have regular training sessions which exceed the basic requirements. For example, we recently held a training session in deaf awareness for door supervisors which was a bespoke course addressing the specific issues which can be faced by deaf people when enjoying a night out. All Serenity staff are carefully selected and vetted to ensure they have the positive attitude, total acceptance, and understanding of equality issues to provide the top quality service that our customers have come to expect from us. Staff are also carefully chosen and matched to venues in order to best serve the client and customers required by that particular manager.

Our aim, as always, is to keep our customers safe and to ensure they have a good night out. The last thing we want is to discriminate (whether intentionally or inadvertently) against or to embarrass our customers. When it comes to searching customers, addressing people or giving directions to the loos (all potentially embarrassing and humiliating scenarios for customers) then we do this in a respectful and tactful manner. The fact that we do have such a diverse staff group means that many of our own staff themselves understand exactly what it is like to be  mis-gendered, challenged about our gender when visiting the toilet or sent to the wrong queue for searches. Having been on the receiving end of discrimination ourselves, we have empathy with our customers and a deep understanding of  the issues faced by the LGBTI community as many of us belong to the community ourselves. We are not, however, an exclusively LBGTI staff group, we are a broad cross-section and this is reflected in the positive service we offer and the diverse backgrounds, ages, life-experience and qualities of all our door supervisors.

serenityarticle-logo-pages9192Serenity Security would like to welcome everybody who is coming to enjoy the Sparkle celebrations in The Village this month; it’s an absolute pleasure and a privilege to be part of such a fabulous and inspirational event, have an amazing and safe weekend!

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