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Tall, Dark and Who? Introducing: Jordan Gray

Her 7th independent studio album ‘The Baffled King’ went live on iTunes in April. Her 2nd novel is now available on Amazon with a 3rd on the way. Her independent scientific research is gaining ground in the realm of Unified Filed Theory. Her 5th award-winning music video ‘Hang With The Happiness’ celebrates the MTF transition while providing a positive example for Trans* kids everywhere. She is a magazine columnist, Trans* activist and somehow finds time to tour 50% of the year under the mysterious stage name Tall Dark Friend.

Meet Jordan Redford Gossamer Gray: the most prolific Transsexual you’ve probably never heard of.

This year, she will play 20+ UK festivals, appear at Islington’s O2 Academy and host a secret naked gig to promote Trans* rights. She’s already nominated for a Southeast Entertainment Award at London’s O2 Arena in 2016. Throw in an annual Scandinavian mini-tour and weekly radio appearances and there’s just enough time left over to contribute articles to number of popular blogs and circulating magazines… including Transliving.


So how does she do it? Well, for one, she co-produces her own material. She’s two years teetotal and avoids refined-sugar like the plague. Most intriguingly of all: she couch-surfs. “It’s the perfect way to meet interesting people. Yes, living with strangers you meet on the internet is not something I’d recommend to everyone. And being a Trans* woman does throw up a disproportionate ratio of sex pests. But I’ve found that most people just want to look after me and be a small part of this crazy ride. Anyone willing to open their home to you, without offering their bed as part of the package, is usually just a bloody good laugh”

Jordan came out Trans* to her home county LIVE on stage at the Essex Entertainment Awards in 2014. “Transitioning within the public eye presents a very unique sequence of hurdles. But I figured, if I can’t come out to my own people, then what’s the point? People surprise me every day. My fans have been amazing. Essex has been so good to me”

jordangray-pic1-pages46&47Jordan’s hotly-tipped ‘secret naked gig’ is a bold, one-woman mission to shatter the gender binary with an intimate, one-off, ticket-only underground concert (details TBC). “People already know that women come in every shape and size. I want to show people that a pre-op Trans* woman is just another shape… and size”. She goes on to explain – “With peoples’ curiosity dealt with, maybe we can finally move to the bigger picture stuff. Listen to Laverne Cox! If the public are too focused on the physical process of transitioning, they will never seek to question the social injustice that Trans* people face. Whether or not I decide to keep my gummi worm is not a pressing issue in my life”

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