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The village is about to get hotter and fuzzier!

Gaylife caught up with Argyris Georgopoulos, aka SILVERHOOK, resident DJ and co-promoter of HOT FUZZ – a bi-monthly event at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, to discuss the upcoming HOT FUZZ party in Manchester. SILVERHOOK also holds a DJ residency on Fridays at THE KINGS ARMS, the popular bear pub in Soho, and MEN INC. at Eagle London and has DJed at many London festivals including BEARFEST and SUMMER RITES.

So most of us have never heard of HOT FUZZ before now. What has been your journey so far?
When Seth Stromboli (my co-promoter) and I started HOT FUZZ, back in December 2012, there were not many events in London for those homos of a beardy/chunky disposition, if you exclude the obvious super club that was dominating the scene. We wanted to offer a fresh and exciting alternative. A smaller, friendlier space where people can form a community and feel they belong, and can dance and whilst enjoying quality electro and dance music. So we came up with the HOT FUZZ concept, deliberately steering clear of the word “bear” (please insert mental image of the bear flag with the paw here). We were also more pro-flirting rather than cruising. The friendly, no-attitude atmosphere is an essential part of HOT FUZZ.

Our events were quarterly at first, now they are bi-monthly and we are hoping to make them even more regular in the future, because they have been so popular.

Just after our first birthday, HOT FUZZ was invited to be part of established festivals like Summer Rites and also new ones, like London Bearfest. The London scene has really embraced us.

Why did you want to organise out-of-town events? And why Manchester?
With our London events now established, we were after a new challenge. A friend told us that there are a lot of Fuzzers that travel to our party, so we though “Why not?” We did some research and Manchester was the best fit. A big city, far enough (but not too far) and with a gap in the scene that we can come and fill. It took a lot of time and effort to get to where we are now, it’s tough when you are not part of the scene because you have to build everything from the ground up, again. I have to give it to you, Manchester, because everyone I have had contact with was very supportive and believed in our concept. People took the time to offer advice, introduce me to their contacts and help out. Also I have a thing for the Northern blokes (my boyfriend is one). Hahaha.

How do you expect the crowd to be different from London?
I am hoping that our Northern friends will love HOT FUZZ as much as the Londoners do. We put a lot of passion in what we do, so we believe Manchester will pick up on this. I think those hunky Mancunians will respond well to the relaxed atmosphere, where everyone is welcome to dance, drink and flirt the night away. Music is a universal language so I am not worried about that at all. There is a small number of Fuzzers who are coming up especially for the event, so please come welcome them and come show them how it’s done in Canal Street.

Talking of music, what should we expect?
HOT FUZZ is a dance night, so expect house and electro-house. I tend to play a lot of remixes, electro beats and big dance tracks (check out my January HOT FUZZ mix at It is a free download too). CACTUSHEAD, our second resident is also an expert at marrying dance music with great pop references. He will be doing the opening slot. Plus we have booked one of the best up-and-coming DJs on the Manchester scene, BRETT DENNING. Brett has been inspired by a wide range of DJs and producers, including Kerri Chandler, Prosumer, Hunee, MCDE, Cassy and our friend Severino, who has previously guest-DJed at our London parties. Brett always ties his sets together with a combination of groove and deep bass. Brett is an underground DJ, not so commercial, so he is doing the closing slot and we are certain his sound will fit right in with the HOT FUZZ vibe later on in the night.

What do you hope to gain from throwing your parties in Manchester?
Our main aim is to put HOT FUZZ on the map of the Manchester scene and be invited back for more. I honestly think there is a place for us and we would love to be part of your community. I am also certain that we have a lot to learn from coming to a new city with a new crowd, and being exposed to a different setting and possibly bring some of the ideas back to London. We are very excited, that’s for sure.

Thanks for chatting with us, Argyris and we’ll see you over the weekend no doubt!
Thank you for taking interest and showing your support. See you on the dance floor!

You can meet Argyris and his team at HOT FUZZ on Saturday 4th April (Easter weekend) between 11pm and 5am at The BackDoor – downstairs from Bar Pop. Admission is £5 all night.

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