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The Young Professionals

The Young Professionals (TYP) first emerged from Israel’s bustling arts scene in 2010, and have been determined to shatter the conventions of music and blur the boundaries of performance ever since. Signed to Polydor Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group, the Tel Aviv-based band brings an innovative approach to both studio recording and live performance – an approach that has been electrifying fans all over the globe.

In the Studio

While TYP officially formed in 2010, the genesis of the band dates back to 2008 when up-and-coming producer Johnny Goldstein contacted Ivri Lider – a well-known, award-winning Israeli musician – with an idea for a collaboration. Lider initially had to decline due to other work commitments, but a spark had been ignited. The two kept in touch to throw ideas around, and soon talking led to doing and the duo were booking studio time.

Once in the studio, Goldstein focused on creating thumping, thrumming electronic beats while Lider contributed the evocative lyrics and melodies he’s known for. Before long, they had created an album’s worth of genre-defying material that could perhaps best be described as electro-pop. It was time to share.

TYP’s first release was the single ‘D.I.S.C.O.,’ an inventive reworking of the 70s Ottawan classic. While the song itself was alive and infectious, it was the accompanying promo video that caught the attention of the world. Featuring performance-artist Uriel Yekutiel, a mainstay in the band’s visual output, the video was as an homage to Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ and other classic videos from the 80s. The video received more than one million hits within 11 months of being posted on YouTube, and has racked up more than 2 million hits to date.

Since ‘D.I.S.C.O.’ had so firmly put TYP on the map, the time was right for the band to release its debut album ’09:00 To 17:00, 17:00 To Whenever.’ The album officially dropped on September 14, 2011, and commercial and critical success quickly followed.

The band produced music videos for the original tracks ’20 Seconds’ and ‘P.O.P.’ before unveiling a hypnotic cover version of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games.’ And since the debut single and video still had legs, ‘D.I.S.C.O.’ received a second release, this time in the form of a pair of remix EPs.

With an international release planned for the album, the band returned to the studio to record two new songs. The renamed ‘9AM To 5PM, 5PM To Whenever’ – complete with added songs and a reworked track listing – dropped in France and Belgium in June 2012 before being unleashed on the USA and Canada the following month. The album reached #10 on iTunes France.

The international release spawned two more singles, ‘Be With You Tonight’ and the pithily-named ‘Fuck Off Berlin.’ Both were accompanied by innovative multimedia campaigns that further demonstrated TYP’s vigorous and multifaceted approach to the music world.

‘Be With You Tonight, ’released in November 2012, featured both a fan-made lyric video and a glossy promo video. The track was also accompanied by a live video that had been pieced together from fan footage shot at a Paris show. ‘Fuck Off Berlin,’ released in October 2013, was flanked by a remix EP as well as a short film. The EP featured reworks of the track completed by DJs from all over Berlin. The film was directed by Tel Aviv video-maker Omer Tobi in association with the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. TYP held a live performance at the conference itself.

Back in Tel Aviv, the band became involved in a project with credit card giant, American Express. The ‘Young Professionals’ project, as it would become known, was designed to offer young business talent the opportunity to learn as well as improve their professional careers at an early stage, by way of funding and additional methods of support. The project utilized TYP’s song, ‘Young Professionals’, as its theme, while a video – which once again included the talents of Uriel Yekutiel and a very TYP-esque feel – was used to advertise the project.

In February 2014 after a long 18 months, fans were treated to their first taste of new TYP material when the band released the single ‘Let’s Do It Right,’ a banger featuring Eva Simons on vocals. A pair of remix EPs accompanied the single release, with a number of artists offering their own take on the track.

One month later, the band served up a second helping of fresh material, this time in the form of a new EP, ‘Think Again.’ In addition to ‘Let’s Do It Right,’ the EP featured ‘Say Hey,’ an infectious track TYP had recorded with Los Angeles hip hop outfit Far East Movement, as well as two other new tracks. The ‘Think Again’ EP serves as a prelude to the band’s sophomore album, ‘Quick Quick, Star Star, Money Money,’ due for release in 2015.


Remixing with the Stars

TYP have been the beneficiaries of remixes from DJs and producers from all over the world, and ever the collaborators, they’re more than happy to return the favor, producing inspiring remixes for a variety of global artists. In 2012 the band was approached by famed French singer Mylene Farmer, and they were happy to craft a remix of the song ‘A L’Ombre’ for the multi-million selling artist.

The band’s other remix credits include major international acts like Tegan and Sara (‘Closer’), Zedd (‘Find You’), Moby (‘Almost Home’),  Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull (‘Let Me Be Your Lover’), Tove Lo (‘Talking Body’), Skip The Use (‘Nameless World’), and Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett (‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’). And proving what goes around comes around, the band also provided a remix for the Lana Del Rey single, ‘West Coast’ two years after releasing a cover of Del Rey’s ‘Video Games.’

Towards the end of 2014, TYP collaborated with French superstar Shy’m on a pair of tracking, contributing to the writing and producing process. The track ‘L’Effet De Serre’ was released as a single. Of course, the band created a remix of the track as well as an extended edit for the promo video.

On Stage

The band made its live debut in2011 at the Fresh Paint Contemporary Arts Fair, Israel’s most influential arts show. Since this was TYP, this of course wasn’t any ordinary debut. The band’s performance was accompanied by a giant 3D projection cast against a nearby abandoned building. It was the first of many performances that would see the band push the boundaries of artistic impression.

Since then, TYP has fused its musical performances with a myriad of artistic formats. The band has performed beside the catwalks of the Castro Fashion Show, on the number one French talk show, Le Grand Journal, in the dark for Earth Day, and at Tel Aviv’s biggest ever beach party.

But perhaps the most extravagant performance the band has undertaken so far took place at the Tel Aviv Museum. TYP ushered in the opening of the new Herta and Paul Amir Building with a spectacular, state-of-the-art video-mapping display.

TYP’s all-in approach to live performances has seen the band invited to events across the world. In addition to playing club shows in Israel, France and Germany, the band has also appeared at countless festivals, including the Main Square Festival (Arras, France), the Divers/Cite Festival (Montreal, Canada), the Montreaux Jazz Festival (Montreaux, Switzerland), and the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Guadalajara, Mexico).

Promoter of liberty, equality and tolerance, and a proud supporter of the LGBT community.

In addition to performing live at Gay Pride events in Tel Aviv, Prague, Marseille and Berlin, TYP used part of 2013 to get behind the bid to bring the Gay Games to Paris in 2018. In June the band also appeared at the Parisian version of Gay Pride, before October brought with it the announcement that the bid had been successful.

The arrival of 2015 has seen things in the TYP camp begin to heat up. In preparation for the new album, the band has released another new single. ‘All Of It But Me’ – which features the vocal talents of Austria’s Anna F. This is the first single from TYP’s new album ‘Quick Quick, Star Star, Money Money’, which will be released in 2015.

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